308 South Harrison Street, Manito, Illinois 61546
The Forman Center

Small Town Recreation Center To Host Your Events!

Steps To Renting The Forman Center

Read the Terms of Use

Complete the Rental Contract Form below. 

This form is not binding to either the renter or the Forman Center.

It is an inquiry only.

Upon authorization of your event, an invoice will be mailed to you at the address indicated on the form. 

Make a copy for your records, sign & return the original form with your payment.

Your event will appear on the Events Calendar when we receive the payment.

Contact us a few days before your event to make arrangements for entrance to the Forman Center.

Please note that no rental is final until we approve your application.

Rental Costs

Rent The Forman Center

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The Forman Center

308 South Harrison Street, Manito, Illinois 61546, United States