308 South Harrison Street, Manito, Illinois 61546
The Forman Center

Small Town Recreation Center To Host Your Events!

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 Before calling or emailing with questions, please read our FAQ and Terms of Use pages.  

You will find many answers to your questions there.  Thank you! 

Mailing address: 

Forman Center, Inc 

PO Box 336 

Manito, IL  61546 

email:  formancenter@gmail.com

For general questions and rental info on weekdays from 9:00am-5:00pm: 

Call Martha Willard at 309.840.2154. 

 If you have rented the Center and need assistance, call the following in order: 

Fred:         309.267.6181 

Martha:  309.840.2154 

Brody:     309.620.1053  (call or text) 

 If you have questions about anything regarding the alcohol, please contact: 

Jami:        309.642.1730  

To sign-up for the Forman Fitness Center, please contact: 

Sue:          309.840.0688

 Please be aware that the Forman Center has been run many years by volunteers in the community.  


The board, directors and managers are volunteers. 

Please treat them accordingly, and also help us keep the building in good repair, and our expenses low!