The Forman Center

We have several attractive options for your venue.  All tables and chairs are provided free of charge, and all clean up is handled by our staff.  Tables and chairs are provided for your use free of charge. 

The Lincoln room comfortably seats about 125 people, and is perfect for small gatherings.  

For answers to your questions regarding rental of the Forman Center,
please see our "Frequently Asked Questions" and our "Terms of Use" pages.

Steps to Renting the Forman Center

1.  Check the Forman Center Activity Calendar
for available dates.
2.  Read the
Terms of Use.
3.  Complete the
Rental Contact Form (below). This form is not binding to either the renter or the Forman Center - it is an inquiry only.
4.  Upon authorization of your event, an invoice will be mailed to you at the address indicated on the Rental Contact Form.  Make a copy for your records, sign and return the form with your payment.
5.  Your event will appear on the Activity Calendar when we receive the payment.
6.  Contact us a few days before your event to make arrangements to get a key or
to gain entrance to the Center.

Contact Information

You may submit the following form for your event.  This form is not binding to either you or the Forman Center, and is intended to be used as an inquiry only.  Please note that no rental is final until we approve your application.  We will then send you a copy of the rental agreement for your signature, along with an invoice.  When we receive your signed agreement and the rental payment your date will be reserved.  Thank you!





First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street 1:
Address Street 2:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:
Event type (ie wedding reception):
Please check one:



Cafeteria Only - $25 per hour/ $125 Maximum


 Gym Only - Recreation/Sports - $30/hour / $150 Maximum


 Gym Only - With Tables and Chairs - $50 per hour / $400 Maximum


 Gym and Cafeteria - $75 per hour / $500 Maximum

Rate (please check one)

Hourly rate: Hourly rate
Daily rate:
(This might save you money. There is a maximum amount that we will charge you for your event regardless of how long you need the Center. Calculate the number of hours you will need the Center and see if the maximum rate applies.)
Daily rate

The renter is responsible to pick up tables and chairs after the event and dispose of all refuse. If you would like us to do this for you there is an additional fee as follows:
$25 - Cafeteria
$50 - Gym
If you would like to have us clean up after your event, please check this box.
I would like to pay to have someone clean after my event.

Alcohol:  Check here if alcohol will be served at your event (proof of alcohol liability insurance required) 
Alcohol will be served
Event Date:
Rental start time (including setup):
Rental ending time (including clean up):
Number of tables needed:
Number of chairs needed:

Required:  By checking this box you indicate that you have read and agree to the Forman Center "Terms of Use". Terms of use read
Security Code: * Please enter the code displayed into the box to the right go prove you're not a robot :)

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