The Forman Center

Renovation Project

Renovation Project

The Forman Center was originally started by a group of very forward looking, concerned citizens that saw the value of having a community center, and who were concerned the the old school gymnasium and cafeteria would fall into disrepair if nothing was done to save them. They formed a committee, applied for grants, rolled up their sleeves and poured themselves into the hard work of the necessary renovations to the building. The Forman Center exists today thanks their hard work and ongoing commitment. Some years later it came under the management of the Forman Park District.

Starting in 2010 the Park District realized that the Center could use some updating, and began a project to completely renovate the Forman Center gym and cafeteria. This included new ceramic tile flooring, countertops, appliances and painting in the cafeteria. It also included a new gym floor, ceramic tile flooring and painting in the gym and concession area. We installed a state-of-the-art sound system in each of the gym and cafeteria. Most of the money used was from the very generous donations of a few people who value the Forman Center and its importance to the community.

Below are some "before and after" pictures of the renovation process.


                                   Gym Before                                                                                                    Gym After

The changes to the gymnasium have been dramatic, but these pictures don't show them very well. The walls were repainted. We have a new gym floor (covered up here by the tarp), new ceramic tile flooring around the gym. There is an new state-of-the art sound system, and the concession area (left side of the photo) has been renovated with new countertops, flooring, sink and cabinets.


Concession Area Before Concession Area After


 Cafeteria Before    Cafeteria After
The Cafeteria has all new ceramic tile flooring. The walls are partly ceramic tile and part Drivet plaster. We have a new sound system with speakers in the ceiling.


Kitchen Before Kitchen After

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